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The State Expert Review Board approves design documentation for an APG processing unit at the Snezhnoye oil and gas condensate field


The State Expert Review Board has approved design documentation prepared by Premium Engineering for the construction of an APG processing unit to be installed at the Snezhnoye oil and gas condensate field in Siberia. 

The design capacity of the APG processing unit is up to 90 mln m3/y with a guaranteed range of output variation from 50% to 110%. This new plant will process the associated petroleum gas produced by the Snezhnoye oil treatment plant. Processed (dry stripped) natural gas will be sent to the NGPZ-Parabel long-distance gas pipeline operated by Gazprom and the process gasses, propane-butane and natural gasoline resulting from the APG treatment will be shipped as commercial goods to local consumers.

Following the approval from the State Expert Review Board to construct the APG processing unit, the Customer received a permit to build, and develop the Snezhnoye oil and gas condensate field, while at the same time meeting his obligations for APG recycling under the relevant state program of the Russian Federation.

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