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Premium Engineering runs advanced training on industrial safety


Premium Engineering has met the industrial safety training targets set for 2014.

A total of 50 employees from the design institute, construction and installation department and from customer services did advanced training in industrial safety. Those who completed the training and passed a qualifying exam received an advanced training certificate and a second certificate valid for 5 years which confirms their competence in the following areas :

  • Industrial safety basics
  • Industrial safety in the chemical, petrochemical and refining industries
  • Industrial safety in the oil and gas industry
  • Industrial safety at gas distribution and gas consumption facilities
  • Industrial safety requirements for pressure vessel
  • Safe power supply

Premium Engineering regularly holds industrial safety courses which include not only refresher training sessions but also risk assessment, construction site risk management. There are also risk management briefings for contractors and subcontractors and with each project there is careful monitoring of safety and risk management.

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