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Basic design for the Priobskoye gas conditioning plant is approved


Premium Engineering has completed the basic design for a 1,200 mln m3/year APG conditioning plant which is to be built at the Priobskoye oil field (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region).

The basic design has been successfully reviewed by a scientific and technical board which included experts from all relevant engineering departments. Summing up the results of the review, Radmir Shakirovich Faizullin, the General Director of RN-Yuganskneftegaz expressed his gratitude to Premium Engineering for the work it had done.

A FEED contract was signed in 2014. To date the engineering survey and the basic design have been completed and the necessary requirements for a process control system have been submitted. In June 2015, the design will be presented for official review by state experts. The deadline for the detailed design is December 2015.

Project in brief

RN-Yuganskneftegaz has implemented an APG recycling program since 2007. New KS-1 and KS-2 compressor stations are to be built at the Priobskoye field in order to transfer APG to the Yuzhno-Balyksky gas processing plant and also to a gas turbine power plant. At this present time design work is under way, and will be followed by the construction of a third phase of the gas conditioning plant which will make possible the deep conversion of APG directly in the field.

The APG conditioning plant will have the capacity of up to 1,200 mln m3/year and will produce dry stripped gas and natural gas liquids of B grade as per TU 38.101524-93. The design institute of Premium Engineering has suggested a process that includes chilling the gaseous feedstock to ensure the recovery of at least 95% C3+ hydrocarbons by weight.

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