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Sulfur removal and APG drying unit (based on zeolite technology) pre-commissioned at the Yuzhno-Shapkinskoe oil-gas-condensate field


Premium Engineering has pre-commissioned a plant for the alkaline-based removal of sulfur and for the drying of zeolite gas at the Yuzhno-Shapkinskoe oil-gas-condensate field. The new equipment will process APG before feeding it into the Yuzhno-Shapkinskoe central processing facility (CPF)- Kharyaga pipeline, thus allowing LUKOIL-Komi to increase the level of APG recycling at the Yuzhno-Shapkinskoe field to 95%.

The packaged units which are capable of processing 110 mln m3 of fresh feed per year are designed to remove hydrogen sulfide from gas, as well as to bring the water dew point to minus 60 °C. When used in small to medium-sized fields, this technology ensures that marketable gas is free of corrosive components and also improves gas dehydration thanks to the low consumption of adsorbents.

Premium Engineering has worked with LUKOIL-Komi on previous APG recycling projects. For example, an APG drying unit was pre-commissioned in 2014 at the Bayandynskoe field. Its production capacity in terms of fresh feed is 380 mln m3/year.

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