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Large-scale facility for production of high octane components of gasoline delivered to the KINEF refinery


Premium Engineering has completed the delivery of large-scale equipment manufactured by Doosan Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd., to the KINEF refinery. The equipment consists of a deisohexanizer, a gasoline fraction splitter and a stabilizer column.

The gasoline fraction splitter and stabilizer column were shipped on towed barges from the port of St. Petersburg to the KINEF's pier on the Chernaya river. They were rolled from barge to pier on self-propelled multi-axis Cometto transporters. Then SBL-1100 hydraulic gantry systems were used to lift and secure the gasoline fraction splitter and stablizer column onto motorized platforms. A police patrol escorted the equipment as it travelled by road to the installation site. It was necessary to create greater clearance for the massive equipment along the way (under bridges and pipe racks).

This equipment was manufactured for a new 2 mln tpa high-octane gasoline production facility LK-2B, which includes hydrotreatment, isomerization and catalytic reforming units with continuous catalyst regeneration.

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