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The first consignment of an ethane recovery and low-temperature condensation unit is shipped to Neftegorsky gas processing plant


On February 12, a first consignment of equipment for an ethane recovery and low-temperature condensation unit was shipped to the Neftegorsky gas processing plant (NGPP). The cargo is expected to arrive by road in early April.

Project manager, Konstantin Sutyagin has confirmed that this first shipment, contains the main multiple-stream heat exchanger, pump groups, a propylene condenser and an air cooled heat exchanger for wide fraction of light hydrocarbons. A second shipment will include equipment with the longest lead time. By the time the second shipment arrives the foundations will be ready and the initial equipment will have been installed. In total 31 pieces of equipment are to be manufactured and delivered.

The new equipment will be used to strip the increasing amount of associated petroleum gas which is arriving at the NGPP from the Samaraneftegaz and Orenburgneft oilfields where a large scale program of recovery is underway. We have selected for our client equipment for a low temperature condensation (LTC) process which utilizes single-staged condensation, thus increasing the extent of recovery of target components.

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