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Compressor station for a gas gathering grid at the Syskonsyninskoye field


Premium Engineering is currently finalizing the main technical solutions for building a booster station for Eurotek at the Syskonsyninskoye gas field (Khanty-Mansiysk region of Russia).

Premium Engineering has a successful track record of over 300 projects using both centrifugal and reciprocating compressors. The company has considerable experience in this field, and is able to design and develop the best engineering solution for each customer. Premium Engineering has a dedicated design department which has developed several different versions of the same project, with reciprocating compressors as the core equipment. Each version optimizes a different set of possibilities with regard to the placement and configuration of the equipment.

In March 2013 the Repsol and Alliance Oil Company announced that the first three wells at the Syskonsyninskoye field had started production. Today the number has grown to 11 commercial wells. The produced gas is fed into Gazprom's pipeline grid.

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