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Phase 2 of the nitrogen liquefaction project at the Talakan oil and gas condensate field


2014 11 Tal.jpg

Premium Engineering has started installing a nitrogen liquefaction plant at the Talakan oil and gas condensate field (Sakha Republic).

In order to meet the Talakan's growing need in liquid nitrogen, Surgutneftegaz will increase the capacity of its KDON-750-800/30Y nitrogen liquefaction plant which it launched in 2011 with the participation of Premium Engineering. The new liquefaction plant will boost the production capacity from 1000 kg/h to 1750 kg/h. The storage capacity of the tank farm will also be increased from 260 m3 to 350 m3.

This project marks a new stage in the partnership between Premium Engineering and Surgutneftegaz. Thanks to our сlose cooperation and our determination to meet the needs of all our customers, we anticipate project expansion even as early as in the design phase. For example, in this project a wide capacity range air separation unit was selected and additional space to install extra equipment was also anticipated.

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