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Premium Engineering: company news

Diagnostic and reprogramming of controllers

June 6, 2016 / Project completed

Specialists of "NPO" Premium Engineering" LLC made service of compressors and modernized system of automatically start the backup compressor for the air pressure drop in the system of SC" Production Association "Electrochemical Plant" (SC "PA ECP") - enterprise of the State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom”.

Электрохимический завод

The State Expert Review Board approves design documentation for an APG processing unit at the Snezhnoye oil and gas condensate field

The State Expert Review Board has approved design documentation prepared by Premium Engineering for the construction of an APG processing unit to be installed at the Snezhnoye oil and gas condensate field in Siberia. 

The design capacity of the APG processing unit is up to 90 mln m3/y with a guaranteed range of output variation from 50% to 110%. This new plant will process the associated petroleum gas produced by the Snezhnoye oil treatment plant. Processed (dry stripped) natural gas will be sent to the NGPZ-Parabel long-distance gas pipeline operated by Gazprom and the process gasses, propane-butane and natural gasoline resulting from the APG treatment will be shipped as commercial goods to local consumers.

Following the approval from the State Expert Review Board to construct the APG processing unit, the Customer received a permit to build, and develop the Snezhnoye oil and gas condensate field, while at the same time meeting his obligations for APG recycling under the relevant state program of the Russian Federation.

Maintenance of nitrogen liquefaction plant at the Talakan field

The customer service department of Premium Engineering has completed preventive maintenance of a nitrogen liquefaction plant at the Talakan oil and gas condensate field (Republic of Sakha). The preventive maintenance has taken place every year since 2013 under a contract signed with Surgutneftegaz for its KDON-750-800/30Y air separation unit (ASU).

The preventive maintenance included a visual inspection and diagnostics of major components of the plant; also the testing of its automated control system (ACS) and the checking of instrumentation.

It is worth mentioning that this plant features a remote monitoring ability as requested by the customer. This allows the ASU to be monitored from are mote workstation located at the nitrogen generator in the Fedorovsky Settlement (Surgut district of KhMAO-Yugra).

Based on the outcomes of equipment monitoring and ACS checks, recommendations were given on the future operation of primary and auxiliary equipment of the plant.

Premium Engineering has been providing on-going maintenance of cryogenic air separation units and their auxiliary equipment for over 6 years. The experience we have gained from erection, supervision and commissioning projects means that our service personnel are able to deliver work of the highest quality and on time. Premium Engineering has long-standing and close relations with overseas manufacturers of the best equipment, which guarantees precise maintenance. 

Premium Engineering took part in International Conference workshop "Maintaining Pressure in Gas Gathering Systems"

On October 27, 2015 Andrei Voronetsky, representing Premium Engineering, attended an International Conference workshop on “Maintaining Pressure in Gas Gathering Systems” and gave a presentation on "Compressor and Pneumatic Equipment: Development, Manufacture, Operation". The Conference was held at the IEC Crocus Expo, Pavilion 1, and was part of the PCVExpo 2015 Forum. 

Along with other experts, Andrei Voronetsky shared his 15 years’ experience in this field, and focused on the difficulties of calculating the capacity of compressors which are used to increase pressure in field gas gathering systems.

The main topics discussed were:

  • estimating the lower limit of the wellhead pressure
  • required booster station performance
  • compressor location options at the gas field
  • equipment of compressor stations and rough estimation of investments into a new compressor station project
  • comparative analysis of compressor station location options.

Andrey Voronsetsky’s very detailed and well informed presentation was of primary interest to those operators working in oil & gas fields with declining production rates.

Presenter: Andrei Voronetsky, Deputy Chief Engineer of Premium Engineering, Ph. D. Eng., the author of 70+ publications on compressor stations and compressor equipment.

Business programme of PCVExpo 2015: http://www.pcvexpo.ru/en-GB/home/exhibitors/business_program.aspx

Cooperation with TOTAL E&P RUSSIE

TOTAL E&P RUSSIE has signed a FEED contract with Premium Engineering.

Premium Engineering will design a component for part of a unit, and piping, for the Central Processing Facility (CPF) of the Kharyaga field (Nenets Autonomous District). The CPF is being upgraded and the new detailed designs from Premium Engineering are all part of this improvement. The overall aim is to improve the performance of these systems and increase the overall efficiency of the CPF.

The Kharyaga field, located in the Nenets Autonomous District, lies deep in the permafrost. Only 60 km from the Arctic Circle it was discovered in 1970. The field is being developed in line with a Production Sharing Agreement. Commercial oil production began in 1999. Phase 3 of the project has been underway since 2009 and the aim is to increase production to 1.5 million tons of oil a year, and also to introduce a new APG processing unit.

Sulfur removal and APG drying unit (based on zeolite technology) pre-commissioned at the Yuzhno-Shapkinskoe oil-gas-condensate field

Premium Engineering has pre-commissioned a plant for the alkaline-based removal of sulfur and for the drying of zeolite gas at the Yuzhno-Shapkinskoe oil-gas-condensate field. The new equipment will process APG before feeding it into the Yuzhno-Shapkinskoe central processing facility (CPF)- Kharyaga pipeline, thus allowing LUKOIL-Komi to increase the level of APG recycling at the Yuzhno-Shapkinskoe field to 95%.

The packaged units which are capable of processing 110 mln m3 of fresh feed per year are designed to remove hydrogen sulfide from gas, as well as to bring the water dew point to minus 60 °C. When used in small to medium-sized fields, this technology ensures that marketable gas is free of corrosive components and also improves gas dehydration thanks to the low consumption of adsorbents.

Premium Engineering has worked with LUKOIL-Komi on previous APG recycling projects. For example, an APG drying unit was pre-commissioned in 2014 at the Bayandynskoe field. Its production capacity in terms of fresh feed is 380 mln m3/year.

Basic design for the Priobskoye gas conditioning plant is approved

Premium Engineering has completed the basic design for a 1,200 mln m3/year APG conditioning plant which is to be built at the Priobskoye oil field (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region).

The basic design has been successfully reviewed by a scientific and technical board which included experts from all relevant engineering departments. Summing up the results of the review, Radmir Shakirovich Faizullin, the General Director of RN-Yuganskneftegaz expressed his gratitude to Premium Engineering for the work it had done.

A FEED contract was signed in 2014. To date the engineering survey and the basic design have been completed and the necessary requirements for a process control system have been submitted. In June 2015, the design will be presented for official review by state experts. The deadline for the detailed design is December 2015.

Project in brief

RN-Yuganskneftegaz has implemented an APG recycling program since 2007. New KS-1 and KS-2 compressor stations are to be built at the Priobskoye field in order to transfer APG to the Yuzhno-Balyksky gas processing plant and also to a gas turbine power plant. At this present time design work is under way, and will be followed by the construction of a third phase of the gas conditioning plant which will make possible the deep conversion of APG directly in the field.

The APG conditioning plant will have the capacity of up to 1,200 mln m3/year and will produce dry stripped gas and natural gas liquids of B grade as per TU 38.101524-93. The design institute of Premium Engineering has suggested a process that includes chilling the gaseous feedstock to ensure the recovery of at least 95% C3+ hydrocarbons by weight.

Making sure the equipment for the Irkutsk Oil Company gas project is first class

On March 30, 2015 representatives of the Irkutsk Oil Company with engineers from the Toyo Engineering Corporation Ltd. and from Premium Engineering inspected the manufacturing process of packaged heating equipment by Heatec Inc. This equipment is part of a new natural and associated petroleum gas conditioning plant that is being designed and built by Premium Engineering.

To date almost all process equipment has been delivered to the Yaraktinskoye field with the exception of three Heatec heating units. Already in place are deethanizer and debutanizer columns, a 'cold' separator, multiple-stream heat exchangers, an inlet separator, drain tanks, air coolers, some 400 tons of steel structures, and 13 km of pipelines.

In the very near future the final pieces of equipment and materials needed to install VK pipe rack are due to be delivered on site along with illumination and fire fighting systems.

Project in brief

Irkutsk Oil Company is working on a project to develop gas reserves of Yaraktinskoye and Markovskoye oil, gas and condensate fields. Part of the Yaraktinskoye construction project is a natural and associated petroleum gas conditioning plant which incorporates the latest technology. It will provide a high degree of hydrocarbon recovery (at least 98.1%) from the natural and associated petroleum gas and will produce marketable propane, butane and gas condensate.

Premium Engineering is the EPC contractor for this project. The design institute of Premium Engineering has used state-of-the-art special purpose software to produce the various components for both basic and detailed engineering. A HAZOP study of the natural and associated petroleum gas conditioning plant design has been carried out in conjunction with the client’s operations department and third-party design and engineering companies. The state expert board reacted positively to the plant design.

The plant consists of hundreds of pieces of equipment, including many heavy and large units manufactured in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Premium Engineering takes part in the discussion of activities, current challenges and prospects of the non-profit partnership under the auspices of Rosneft

On February 25, an extraordinary general meeting was held in Krasnodar between a number of design institutes which have formed a self-regulatory non-profit partnership under the auspices of Rosneft.

The agenda covered organizational issues and members were asked to approve an updated Articles of Association. The meeting hosted a round table discussion of current challenges and prospects.

Seventy Russian design organizations took part in the discussion. Premium Engineering was represented by its Deputy General Director for Design, Vladimir Belyakov.

The first consignment of an ethane recovery and low-temperature condensation unit is shipped to Neftegorsky gas processing plant

On February 12, a first consignment of equipment for an ethane recovery and low-temperature condensation unit was shipped to the Neftegorsky gas processing plant (NGPP). The cargo is expected to arrive by road in early April.

Project manager, Konstantin Sutyagin has confirmed that this first shipment, contains the main multiple-stream heat exchanger, pump groups, a propylene condenser and an air cooled heat exchanger for wide fraction of light hydrocarbons. A second shipment will include equipment with the longest lead time. By the time the second shipment arrives the foundations will be ready and the initial equipment will have been installed. In total 31 pieces of equipment are to be manufactured and delivered.

The new equipment will be used to strip the increasing amount of associated petroleum gas which is arriving at the NGPP from the Samaraneftegaz and Orenburgneft oilfields where a large scale program of recovery is underway. We have selected for our client equipment for a low temperature condensation (LTC) process which utilizes single-staged condensation, thus increasing the extent of recovery of target components.

Premium Engineering becomes a member of KhMAO-Yugra Gas Processing Cluster

A decision in favour of Premium Engineering was taken by the directorate of the non-profit partnership Gas Processing Cluster of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Yugra.

At the meeting, held on 22/12/2014 and headed by General Director I.N. Loparev, it was decided to invite Premium Engineering to become a member of the Cluster. As an engineering company specializing in the development of innovative and proprietary technologies, it was felt that Premium Engineering met the Cluster membership criteria.

The non-profit partnership Gas Processing Cluster of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Yugra was established to encourage growth in the local gas processing industry, to develop and implement investment projects and to market new products and services among the Cluster's member companies. One of the main goals of the gas-processing Cluster is to bring together oil and gas companies to foster the sustainable use of APG in the region.

Membership in the Cluster is a significant honour for Premium Engineering and will allow the Company to take part in state-supported investment projects in one of Russia's major oil and gas regions.

Premium Engineering runs advanced training on industrial safety

Premium Engineering has met the industrial safety training targets set for 2014.

A total of 50 employees from the design institute, construction and installation department and from customer services did advanced training in industrial safety. Those who completed the training and passed a qualifying exam received an advanced training certificate and a second certificate valid for 5 years which confirms their competence in the following areas :

  • Industrial safety basics
  • Industrial safety in the chemical, petrochemical and refining industries
  • Industrial safety in the oil and gas industry
  • Industrial safety at gas distribution and gas consumption facilities
  • Industrial safety requirements for pressure vessel
  • Safe power supply

Premium Engineering regularly holds industrial safety courses which include not only refresher training sessions but also risk assessment, construction site risk management. There are also risk management briefings for contractors and subcontractors and with each project there is careful monitoring of safety and risk management.

Compressors for the petrochemistry industry

Premium Engineering has commissioned a compressor unit at the ethylene oxide/glycol (EO/G) plant owned by SIBUR-Neftekhim (Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region).

The compressor unit is based on a two-stage MSG-3 centrifugal compressor manufactured by Cameron Compression Systems and driven by a Hyundai Heavy Industries induction motor. The unit will compress ethylene from 0.7 to 2.2 MPa(g). The compressor capacity is 315 mln kg/year in terms of fresh feed.

The new compressor is twice as energy efficient as the old ones. Also it reduces almost to zero losses of ethylene by using dry face gas seals.

This new fully automated compressor unit is part of the plant upgrading project and will boost the production of ethylene oxide from 200 to 240 tpy and of monoethylene glycol (MEG) from 170 to 200 tpy.

Compressors for the petrochemistry industry

New power generation unit is launched at the Kazan Combined Heat and Power Plant 2

December 27 saw the launching of a new 220 MW combined cycle plant (CCP) named after V. K. Shibanov. The event took place at the Kazan CHP-2 combined heat and power plant owned by the Generation Company. The power generation unit includes two booster compressor stations and a gas treatment plant supplied by Premium Engineering.

This combined heat and power plant is the most advanced in Russia. It operates a combined-cycle method of electricity and heat generation which needs less fuel to produce 1 kW/h of electricity and reduces harmful emissions by 300%-500%. It operates with close to zero NOx emissions and also generates much less noise. Starting with 2015, Kazan CHP-2 will sell energy under a Power Delivery Agreement (PDA) thus increasing Kazan’s power supply by 30%. (In Kazan there is a serious power shortage.)

The General Director of the Generation Company, R. M. Khaziev expressed his gratitude to employees of Premium Engineering who had made such a significant contribution to the construction of the new 220 MW CCP. He highlighted the professionalism of the Premium Engineering team, its commitment to the highest standards, and its ability to respond to changing circumstances.

Maintenance of compressors at the Kirishskaya GRES power plant

Premium Engineering has completed maintenance of compressor and auxiliary equipment at the Kirishskaya GRES power plant.

The service contract includes the checking, instrumentally and visually, of the main and auxiliary equipment including the basic compressor components, i.e. gearbox housing, lubrication system, seal rack, shut-off and control valves, drive coupling, oil mist ejector, instrumentation and automatic control system, heat exchangers, and expansion joints. Following the inspection Premium Engineering issued various recommendations to enhance the smooth operation of the compressor. Only OEM consumables have been used for the routine maintenance.

Our customer service department has once again provided the client with first class support. As a result the management of Kirishskaya GRES is to continue its fruitful cooperation with Premium Engineering, initiated by the purchase of our compressors in 2009.

Design of an ethane recovery and low-temperature condensation unit for the Otradnensky gas processing plant as approved by the State Expertise Board

Premium Engineering is participating in the upgrade of the Otradnensky gas processing plant (GPP). Our design department has completed the construction documentation for a new ethane recovery and low-temperature condensation unit. The project was approved by the State Expertise Board and on 11th of November 2014 the Russian Federation State Expertise Evaluation Department (Glavgosekspertiza) gave its official approval for the project.

The modernization of ethane recovery and low-temperature condensation units will boost the recovery of C3+B fractions up to 95%. The production capacity in terms of fresh feed (dry gas) will be 300 mln m3/year. The plant will produce dry stripped gas, grade B ethane fraction, as well as natural gas liquids.

This is our third ethane recovery and LTC project (which includes basic and detailed engineering) approved by the State Expertise Board in 2014. The design institute of Premium Engineering adheres to the highest engineering standards in natural gas processing at the well head as well as in the deep treatment of gas. Premium Engineering has been active in upgrading many of Russia's oldest gas processing plants (GPP): the Minnibaevsky GPP, Neftegorsky GPP, and the Otradnensky GPP.

Large-scale facility for production of high octane components of gasoline delivered to the KINEF refinery

Premium Engineering has completed the delivery of large-scale equipment manufactured by Doosan Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd., to the KINEF refinery. The equipment consists of a deisohexanizer, a gasoline fraction splitter and a stabilizer column.

The gasoline fraction splitter and stabilizer column were shipped on towed barges from the port of St. Petersburg to the KINEF's pier on the Chernaya river. They were rolled from barge to pier on self-propelled multi-axis Cometto transporters. Then SBL-1100 hydraulic gantry systems were used to lift and secure the gasoline fraction splitter and stablizer column onto motorized platforms. A police patrol escorted the equipment as it travelled by road to the installation site. It was necessary to create greater clearance for the massive equipment along the way (under bridges and pipe racks).

This equipment was manufactured for a new 2 mln tpa high-octane gasoline production facility LK-2B, which includes hydrotreatment, isomerization and catalytic reforming units with continuous catalyst regeneration.

Phase 2 of the nitrogen liquefaction project at the Talakan oil and gas condensate field

2014 11 Tal.jpg

Premium Engineering has started installing a nitrogen liquefaction plant at the Talakan oil and gas condensate field (Sakha Republic).

In order to meet the Talakan's growing need in liquid nitrogen, Surgutneftegaz will increase the capacity of its KDON-750-800/30Y nitrogen liquefaction plant which it launched in 2011 with the participation of Premium Engineering. The new liquefaction plant will boost the production capacity from 1000 kg/h to 1750 kg/h. The storage capacity of the tank farm will also be increased from 260 m3 to 350 m3.

This project marks a new stage in the partnership between Premium Engineering and Surgutneftegaz. Thanks to our сlose cooperation and our determination to meet the needs of all our customers, we anticipate project expansion even as early as in the design phase. For example, in this project a wide capacity range air separation unit was selected and additional space to install extra equipment was also anticipated.

Compressor station for a gas gathering grid at the Syskonsyninskoye field

Premium Engineering is currently finalizing the main technical solutions for building a booster station for Eurotek at the Syskonsyninskoye gas field (Khanty-Mansiysk region of Russia).

Premium Engineering has a successful track record of over 300 projects using both centrifugal and reciprocating compressors. The company has considerable experience in this field, and is able to design and develop the best engineering solution for each customer. Premium Engineering has a dedicated design department which has developed several different versions of the same project, with reciprocating compressors as the core equipment. Each version optimizes a different set of possibilities with regard to the placement and configuration of the equipment.

In March 2013 the Repsol and Alliance Oil Company announced that the first three wells at the Syskonsyninskoye field had started production. Today the number has grown to 11 commercial wells. The produced gas is fed into Gazprom's pipeline grid.

Premium Engineering takes part in "Cryogen-Expo: Industrial Gases – 2014" Exhibition

Premium Engineering is taking part in the 13th Moscow International exhibition, “Cryogen-Expo: Industrial Gases - 2014” to be held from October 28th – October 30 at the Expocenter, Moscow.

Cryogen-Expo is the only international exhibition dedicated to cryogenic technologies; here you can appreciate the innovations which have taken place in the last 12 months in the cryogenic branch of the oil and gas industry. The exhibition is now a firm fixture in the calendar of international exhibitions and is well attended by Russian and foreign cryogenic engineers, representatives of cryogenic scientific circles and manufacturers of cryogenic equipment and products. “Cryogen Expo: Industrial Gases-2014” brings these experts together under one roof.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Premium Engineering stand A03, Pavilion 5, Hall 1 at the Moscow Expocenter, from October 28th-October 30th.

Routine maintenance of the Caspian Flat Glass Plant air separation unit

In 2014, Premium Engineering extended its cooperation with the Caspian flat glass plant under a contract for routine maintenance for the plant's air separation unit (ASU).

The management of the glass plant was anxious to ensure the smooth running and safe operation of the newly installed high-tech equipment and did not want to leave anything to chance. Impressed by the professionalism and quality of service of Premium Engineering, the management decided to extend its cooperation with the Company by signing a contract for the first routine maintenance of the ASU.

According to the contract, Premium Engineering service engineers will carry out routine maintenance and check the performance of both individual systems and the entire air separation unit. Based on the results of this maintenance, they will provide recommendations for the on-going and trouble-free operation of ASU until the next routine maintenance.

Installing a natural and associated petroleum gas conditioning plant at the Yaraktinskoye field

Installing a natural and associated petroleum gas conditioning plant at the Yaraktinskoye fieldPremium Engineering has started to erect a 3.6 mln m3/day natural and associated petroleum gas conditioning plant at the Yaraktinskoye oil, gas and condensate field.

More than 700 piles have been driven into the ground and more than 400 cubic meters of concrete have been cast in- situ to provide the foundation for the main process equipment. Large-sized imported equipment has been delivered to the site on escorted low loaders along a carefully planned route.

So far, using special construction equipment, Premium Engineering has installed Linde multiple-stream heat exchangers, a de-ethaniser column, and a 'cold' separator. Still to come is a debutanizer column, a 73 t inlet separator, drain tanks, air coolers, compressors, and a turbo-expander. A 200 t Liebherr mobile crane is being used to erect columns up to 30 m high.

The plant is part of a bigger investment project to develop gas reserves north of Irkutsk. This project is already underway with a total investment of about 120 billion rubles and is run by the Irkutsk Oil Company. Phase 1 of the project covers the construction of a natural and associated petroleum gas conditioning plant, a pipeline system, and a terminal for liquid hydrocarbons in the city of Ust-Kut.

Installing a natural and associated petroleum gas conditioning plant at the Yaraktinskoye field

New air separation unit (ASU) for a chemical plant in Bashkortostan

New air separation unit (ASU) for a chemical plant in BashkortostanPremium Engineering has completed pre-commissioning of an air separation unit (ASU) at the Kaustik nitrogen & oxygen production plant of the Bashkir Soda Company (Sterlitamak, Bashkortostan).

On September 10, 2014, the First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Rustem Mardanov inaugurated the air separation unit’s nitrogen compressor. The new ASU will produce high-purity technical gases (up to 7,000 m3/h of O2 and up to 20,000 m3/h of N2); it will supply not only the Bashkir Soda Company, but also neighboring businesses, in particular the TAU Group of Companies, Sintez Kauchuk, the Sterlitamak Petrochemical Plant, the Nizhnekamskneftekhim and the Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat.

The ASU has been integrated into the existing plant and its control system is connected to a central switchboard at the Kaustik plant. Its cutting-edge equipment will mean a reduction in the consumption of electric power by up to 30%.

In accordance with the contract, Premium Engineering supervised the design of the equipment and working together with the manufacturer’s engineers, overseen the pre-commissioning and installation, and also performed pre-start testing and commissioning.

The Bashkir Soda Company is a major producer of chemical products based on Cl and hydrocarbons. It supplies 14% of the Russian caustic soda market, 32% of the PVC market, 17% of the PVC cable plastics market and is the Russia's only producer of terephthaloyl chloride, Ru-Ir coated anodes, and cationic polyelectrolyte flocculants.

Congratulations on the Oil and Gas Industry Day!

Congratulations on the Oil and Gas Industry Day!

Design of Syzran Refinery's nitrogen plant approved by Glavgosekspertiza

August 27, 2014. The RF Main State Expert Review Board (Glavgosekspertiza) has approved the design and engineering survey provided by Premium Engineering for a nitrogen plant to be constructed at the Syzran Refinery as a part of its utilities complex. The state experts have confirmed that Premium’s proposals are in compliance with the requirements of Russian law in the field of design, industrial safety and meet the necessary standards regarding the sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population.

The new nitrogen plant will have a pressure swing adsorption unit (capable of producing 6,000 m3/h of gaseous nitrogen) and an air separation unit with aliquid nitrogen generator (capable of producing 1,500 m3/h of gaseous nitrogen and 80 kg/h of liquid nitrogen) as well as auxiliary equipment.

Today, this largest producer of diesel and high-octane gasoline is upgrading its catalytic cracking, reforming, isomerization, hydrotreating, alkylation, MTBE production and other facilities. As a result, the depth of oil refining at the Syzran refinery will increase by 20 % and will equal that of the world's leading refineries. The withdrawal of obsolete equipment will improve environmental and industrial safety.

Good Health Day at Premium Engineering

On August 29, Premium Engineering held its Corporate Good Health Day 2014. The venue for this event was the Luzhniki Sports Complex – one of the most popular sport and leisure centres in Moscow. Premium employees competed for cups and medals in football, beach volleyball and tennis.

Each employee chose a sport of his/her liking. The result was an adrenaline-filled struggle, followed by the joy of victory, or the bitter taste of defeat! All participants had an opportunity to express themselves and to experience what it is like to be part of a team, and savour its strength.

For others there was the pleasure of cycling in Luzhniki park and some people were brave enough to try roller skating for the first time!



The Premium Engineering top management was out in force taking part in all the sporting activities, in the tournaments and the various competitions, backing 100% the “sporting soul” of the company.


Permit granted to construct a 4.8 hectare greenhouse complex in the Vladimir region

image001.jpgPremium Engineering has been granted a permit to build a greenhouse complex over 4.8 hectares for the agro-industrial Torchino Corporation, following a favorable State Expert Review and engineering survey. In the wake of this positive outcome, Premium Engineering is now working on stage 2 of the project which involves the design and budget estimate for the second part of the production facilities, which will cover an area of 56.6 hectares.

These sites are located in the Suzdalsky Agriculture and Technology Park, a project which was awarded a Gold Medal by the Association of Russian Greenhouses in 2012. Premium Engineering has played a key role in the evolution of this large-scale project, developing high-efficiency co-generation plants in compliance with the customer's specification.

Start-up of the first unit of the Kolpino co-generation power plant in Saint Petersburg

On 25 July, a start-up ceremony took place in Saint Petersburg to mark a new power-generating unit of the Kolpino co-generation power plant.

For many years Premium Engineering has delivered compressors for combined-cycle co-generation plants (CCGTs) on a turnkey basis. The centrifugal compressor unit feeds fuel gas into a General Electric 75 MW gas turbine unit.

The new plant is one of the most modern co-generation plants in Russia. It will greatly improve the delivery of electric power and heat to Kolpino households and to those industrial facilities located within the Izhorsk Industrial Area. Using the latest combined-cycle technology, the new plant will use 25% less fuel, and thus reduce harmful emissions in Saint Petersburg.

Commissioning of propane refrigeration plant for Tobolsk-Neftekhim is now completed

Premium Engineering has completed the commissioning of an 18 MW propane refrigeration unit with for the petrochemical company Tobolsk-Neftekhim.

The refrigeration unit is a part of an the on-going expansion of a 5.8 million tons per year NGL processing facility equipped with a new gas fractionation unit GF-2. The propane refrigeration plant is located in the Severnaya raw material storage facility where it cools commercial products such as isobutane, butane and propane prior to shipping or storage.

The Tobolsky petrochemical plant has the world's largest gas- fractionation capacity. Gas fractionation is a key link in a processing for the deep treatment of hydrocarbons, which has been under development by SIBUR since 2007.

Federal Agency for Technical Expertise approves the design of an ethane recovery and low-temperature condensation unit at the Neftegorsk gas processing plant

On July 11th, 2014 the Federal Agency for Technical Expertise approved the design & engineering survey for an ethane recovery and low-temperature condensation unit. The experts confirmed that the project design submitted by Premium Engineering complied with the RF Government Regulation No. 87 of 16.02.2008 “Regulations for the Structure of Project Documentation and Requirement for their Content” in accordance with the current laws which safeguard the industrial safety and sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population.

The new equipment will increase the processing of associated petroleum gas (APG) and augment the yield of commercial products (dry stripped gas, ethane fraction, and natural gas liquids) at the Neftegorsk gas processing plant.

Installation supervision of a sulfur removal unit and an associated petroleum gas (APG) drying unit at the Yuzhno-Shapkinskoe oil-gas-condensate field has been completed

Premium Engineering has completed the supervision works on the installation of a sulfur removal unit and an APG drying unit at the Yuzhno-Shapkinskoe oil-gas-condensate field.

The packaged unit is designed to remove hydrogen sulfide from gas, as well as to provide water dew point control.

This technology is especially useful in small to medium-sized fields for the following reasons:

  • there is no liquid absorbent in this unit and the marketable gas is free of corrosive components;
  • there is a high % of gas dehydration;
  • there is low consumption of adsorbents.

The development of the Yuzhno-Shapkinskoe field (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug) started in 2002. Oil reserves stand at 30 mln. tons, oil density is 33.8° API, sulfur content is 0.60%.

Pre-commissioning of associated petroleum gas drying unit at the Bayandynskoe field is now finished

Premium Engineering has completed pre-commissioning of an adsorption-type APG drying unit as part of an oil treatment plant at the Bayandynskoe field.

Premium Engineering supplied the equipment, adopted the manufacturer's design documentation (in accordance with the RF norms), and with the manifacturer’s technical experts carried out installation supervision and pre-commissioning as part of the testing phase, and again while putting the equipment into operation onsite.

The Bayandynskoe plant will recover the associated petroleum gas during oil production.

The packaged explosion-protected adsorption-type APG drying unit which is based on zeolite (molecular sieves) technology has the maximum capacity of 45,000 Nm3/h. It is intended for drying the gas downstream of a boosting pump station to keep its water dew point below -20°C prior to feeding it to the main pipeline at the Usinsky gas processing plant.

The design and technical outline has been agreed for an associated petroleum gas processing unit at the Snezhnoye oil and gas condensate field

Premium Engineering has completed the technical outline for the design of an associated petroleum gas processing unit at the Snezhnoye oil and gas condensate field. Complicated technical solutions have been incorporated in the design and approved by the client. Design documentation is currently being prepared for submission to the State Expert Review Board.

The APGCU with a capacity of up to 90 mln m3/year is designed to condition and process associated petroleum gas into dry stripped gas, process propane-butane, and natural gasoline. The plant will include: feed gas compressors, adsorption dehydration equipment, a low-temperature condensation and rectification package, a propane cooling plant, dry stripped gas compressors and a debutanization unit. Premium Engineering is currently developing the design documentation for site utilities such as storage tanks.

Supervising Installation of a Compressor at Minudobreniya LLC

Premium Engineering is supervising installation of a steam-turbine-driven air compressor at Minudobreniya LLC in Rossosh (Voronezh Region). The compressor has been adjusted to its foundation and the connection of process piping is underway. A representative from the maker of the compressor, Atlas Copco, is supervising the pre-commissioning tests. Commissioning and start-up operations are due to be completed by August this year. Minudobreniya LLC has purchased this modern compressor as a part of their upgrading program to improve energy efficiency in the nitric acid unit.

Premium Engineering participated in 21 World Petroleum Congress

Premium Engineering, with Red Mountain Energy, took part in the 21st World Petroleum Congress held in Moscow from June 16th-19th and widely perceived as the “Olympics of the oil and gas industry”. The theme of the Congress which is held every 3 years was “Responsibility Energizing a Growing World”.

In spite of the uneasy political situation, the Congress was very well attended with over 5000 delegates taking part, including Energy Ministers and CEOs and heads of organizations from more than 80 countries. Oil giants such as ExxonMobile, BP, Shell, Petrobras, Rosneft, Statoil, Total, Gazprom, and many others showcased their projects from impressive stands covering an exhibition space of 55,000 square meters.

Premium Engineering and Red Mountain Energy showcased their current projects throughout Russia and the CIS on gas treatment and processing, compression, air separation, power, refinery and in the petrochemical industry. Both companies are very well established in the energy sector, with 15 years experience and an excellent track record, having completed over 500 projects.


 Premium Engineering President, Denis Smyslov said, “We were delighted to see so many oil and gas companies at the Congress looking for local (ie. Russian) EPC companies. That is exactly what we are. From our point of view this has been a very successful Congress.”

Igor Sechin, President and Chairman of Rosneft, saw the growing demand for energy against a lack of availability of hydrocarbon resources as the main challenge for the oil industry. He also commented on the unreasonably high per capital consumption of energy in the United States, and raised the question of sanctions, arguing that energy should not be subject to sanctions.

Alexander Medvedev, Deputy chairman of Gazprom, told the Congress that Gazprom, the world’s largest natural gas producer and exporter, was eyeing Asia’s growing LNG market and hoped to become one of key LNG suppliers in the region.

ExxponMobile Chairman, President and CEO, Rex Tillerson took part in a discussion on “Energy Sector Growth Strategy in the Developing World”. He told participants of the Congress that given the current rate of the world’s population growth, by 2040 there would be a 30% increase in the demand for energy. In order to meet his challenge the energy sector needed to focus on 3 areas: deepwater production, unconventional resources, and development of the Arctic.

The National Iranian Oil Company introduced 41 projects, valued at $100 billion, to foreign investors at the Congress. These projects entail the development of oil and gas fields, the establishment of natural gas liquid (NGL) plants, and the collection of associated petroleum gas at oilfields.

For the first time Cuba was represented. Rafael Tenreyro Pérez, Head of Cuba Petróleo’s (Cupet) Exploration Group emphasized that Cuba was promoting its sea and land oil prospects and assessing potential opportunities for foreign investment in Cuba’s Exclusive Economic Zone (ZEE) in the Gulf of Mexico.

The 2017 World Petroleum Congress will take place in Istanbul. 

Installing an air separation unit at a gold mine in the Russian Far East

Premium Engineering is supervising the installation of an air separation unit at the Pokrovskiy gold mine, Amur Region, in the Russian Far East. Under a contract with the gold mining company, Premium Engineering has designed and manufactured two air separation units with an oxygen production capacity of 11,500 m3/h each, as well as centrifugal turbine compressors with electrical motors and separate control systems. So far the equipment has been installed and is ready for pre-commissioning tests. The air separation unit is a part of the autoclave and hydrometallurgical plant which use sautoclave & flotation processes to recover gold from ores contaminated with sulfur. This state-of-the-art technology will help to recover gold from sulfur-contaminated ores where traditional gold recovery methods fail, and to eliminate the additional loss of gold which gets mixed with dust. Using this latest technology there will be no need to collect dust, and safety in the work place is also greater. Once the autoclave & hydrometallurgical plant is in operation, the gold mine will be able to increase gold production by a significant amount; it will be a powerful and technologically advanced autoclave gold recovery facility.
Basic design now complete for greenhouse project

The design office of Premium Engineering has finished preparing basic and detailed engineering for an all-seasons greenhouse complex with a total area of 56.6 ha, the first stage of which is 4.8 ha where vegetables will be grown in the Suzdalsky agriculture & technology park. Design studies have been completed and the customer has approved basic engineering solutions based on state-of-the-art technology and equipment (partially imported).
Premium Engineering continues to pursue strategy of growth

Premium Engineering has opened a new regional office in St. Petersburg. The main goal is to implement large-scale engineering projects.

“In spite of the unstable economic situation, we have managed to keep our operating profit on target,” said Denis Smyslov, CEO of the company. “To achieve this we had to cut down on expenses and make sure we had stable growth in sales. We have been successful in both these areas. We have won several new contracts, and as a result we have increased our workforce in order to meet our deadlines. To sustain growth we know that it is vital to find highly skilled experts in regional labor markets, and this is one of the main reasons for opening a branch of Premium Engineering in St. Petersburg.”

Premium Engineering is an EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) company offering a full range of services, from design and development to commissioning and servicing. The company is a specialist in the gathering, processing and monetization of associated petroleum gas; treatment and processing of natural gas; air separation; gas compression and power generation.

Patent awarded for new HOUP technology

Premium Engineering has secured a patent for an original heavy oil upgrading process (HOUP). The inventor of this new technology is Chief Engineer, Albert Soultanov.

“We have been waiting to get this patent for over two years,” he explains. “It is very difficult to come up with a new idea for heavy oil upgrading. But that is what we did, and on this basis we have been awarded the patent.”

This new HOUP process is specifically designed for oilfield conditions but could be introduced to a refinery as well. Equipment is simple and robust. The process does not require refinery conditions such as a hydrogen facility or catalyst handling. It has synergy with non-traditional oil production technologies, including steam aided gravity drainage (SAGD) and can process crude oil at oilfield facilities. HOUP is also a good alternative to diluents for the transportation of highly viscous oil via the pipeline.

State experts approve Premium Engineering design documentation for a gas processing plant at Yaraktinskoye Oil-Gas-Condensate Field

On April 11th , 2014 the Kranoyarsk branch of the Federal agency of expert assessment approved the design documentation for the construction of an associated petroleum and natural gas processing plant, with a capacity of 3.6 mln nm3/day at the Yaraktinskoe Oil-Gas-Condensate Field.

The expert review stated that the documentation submitted by Premium Engineering complied with the requirements of the Russian Government Resolution No. 87 of 16.02.2008 : “Regulation on design documentation and requirements thereof”. PE documentation was also in accordance with legislation concerning health and safety for those working on the project, and also for the inhabitants of the area.

The plant will process natural and associated petroleum gas, and will extract LPG and gas condensate to a level of not less than 94%. The plant is part of a bigger project to build a gas-chemical complex in Ust-Kut that will include not only gas processing facilities but also a pipeline system over 500 km in length, as well as a terminal for liquid hydrocarbons in the area of the Lena-Vostochnaya railway station, Ust-Kut.

HAZOP Study of Associated Petroleum and Natural Gas Treatment Unit Design at the Yaraktinskoye Oil-Gas-Condensate Field

Premium Engineering jointly with Irkutsk Oil Company (INK) and the Risk Analysis Scientific Study Centre Rizikon, Ltd. performed a HAZOP study of the technical solutions in the construction design of the associated petroleum and natural gas treatment unit.

Technical specialist, as well as third-party experts and representatives of the INK operational department studied in detail the process technology and the operational characteristics of the unit with the express purpose of anticipating potentially hazardous situations which might arise during production and determining the possible consequences. As a result of this study a high level of safety was confirmed in those engineering solutions devised by Premium Engineering when designing the facility. At the same time, minor refinements were introduced in the design to enhance reliability and ensure compliance with corporate Health and Safety Environment requirements.

HAZOP is a structured and systematic examination of a planned or existing process or operation in order to identify and evaluate problems that may represent risks to personnel or equipment, or prevent efficient operation. The HAZOP Method of hazard assessment is used as best practice by most top foreign companies.

Analysis of the LNG/LPG market

image001.pngPremium Engineering took part in the Argus LPG conference held from April 9-11 in the Corinthia hotel, St. Petersburg.

Manufacturers, importers and traders discussed trends and growth in the world market of liquefied gases. More than 300 high-ranking participants attended, representing major companies worldwide.

Premium Engineering paid particular attention to the latest developments in infrastructure for LPG trans-shipment; also the balance between demand and supply in the CIS countries, and new production facilities in Russia. Premium Engineering is focused in developing turnkey projects for new clients, and providing feasibility studies for future projects.

Premium Engineering to deliver an ethane recovery and low temperature condensation unit for the Neftegorsky gas processing plant

Premium Engineering has won the tender for an ethane recovery and low-temperature condensation unit for the Neftegorsky gas processing plant (NGPP) in the Samara region.

The equipment is intended for stripping dried and de-acidized associated petroleum gas in order to obtain dry stripped gas, ethane fraction, and natural gas liquids.

The new equipment will transform the Neftegorsky gas processing plant into a modern facility which can process large volumes of associated petroleum gas from the oilfields of Samaraneftegaz, and Orenburgneft, where a large scale program of recovery is underway. This project will modernize NGPP, monetize associate petroleum gas up to 95%, thus eliminating waste, fulfill all local licensing requirements and improve the environmental situation in the oil production areas.

Premium Engineering together with Red Mountain Energy will take part in the 21st World Petroleum Congress

Premium Engineering together with Red Mountain Energy will take part in the 21st World Petroleum Congress to be held from June 15-19 at the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center, Moscow.

Six thousand delegated from ninety countries are expected to take part in the Congress. This event is seen as the most important event in the Petroleum Industry calendar in Russia.

The technical program of the 21st World Petroleum Congress will include panel discussions with heads international petroleum corporations, and there will also be technical forums.

The World Oil Show will be held simultaneously in the showcasing grounds (55,000 square meters of floor space) in the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center, Moscow.

Throughout the congress Premium Engineering’s decision-makers and technical specialists will be at the Premium stand where clients and visitors can hold meetings and discuss possible joint projects.

If you wish to arrange a meeting in advance, then please send us an email with the name of the topic you wish to discuss to: moscow@premen.ru.

We look forward to seeing you at our stand.
Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre

Pavilion 3, hall 13

Stand 13C11
Premium Engineering to supply equipment to Yakutskaya GRES-2

Premium Engineering has signed a contract with the Yakutskaya GRES-2, to deliver a gas booster compressor station with a fuel gas conditioning unit for the first phase of the new Yakutskaya GRES-2.

The order includes two electric driven Atlas Copco centrifugal compressors with a noise insulation canopy, a gas conditioning unit complete with a separate block box, a Siemens automatic control system, an instrument air and nitrogen package, an air-cooled closed-circuit cooling system, and other auxiliary equipment. Premium Engineering specialists will carry out commissioning and start-up, equipment testing and personnel training.

Yakutskaya GRES-2 is undertaking a total modernization program to replace equipment which is over 40 years old, and also plans to create a power reserve for the central region of the Republic of Sakha-Yakutia. The installed power capacity of the plant will be 193 MW, and the heating capacity of the station is 469 Gcal/hr. Completion of the project is scheduled for 2015.

Technologies for the Agro-Industrial Complex

Premium Engineering will present engineering solutions for the agro-industrial complex at the IX Specialized Exhibition, “Protection Russian Soil” to be held from May 14-16 at the All-Russia Exhibition Center, Moscow.

Innovative energy-saving technologies are among the key themes at this event. Premium Engineering, a leading EPC energy and engineering company, will discuss new developments in the construction of power facilities. For over a decade the company has been dealing with gas-turbine and gas-reciprocating units and as a result Premium Engineering is able to provide the client with a whole range of services and help select most efficient solutions for combined heat and power centres.

We look forward to meeting you and to discuss possible business cooperation in Pavilion 55!

Premium Engineering will take part in the 6th AVEVA World Russia User Conference

Specialists from the Premium Engineering piping department (part of the design office) will take part in the 6th AVEVA World Russia User Conference to be held on April 17 at the Info-Space Event Hall, Moscow.

The conference program includes workshops where developers will present to an invited audience new applications which have been adapted to Russian standards. AVEVA will discuss the various aspects of its interface and how to get the best out of this technology in order to realize complex projects. Highly-specialized issues such as programming on C# language will also be addressed.

For several years now Premium Engineering has been using innovative AVEVA software products which facilitate an integrated approach to the process of design. Premium Engineering’s design department is committed to the AVEVA principle of continuous development and regularly sends employees to the Russian offices of AVEVA (headquarted in Cambridge, UK) for training, so they can familiarize themselves with the software, appreciate its capabilities, and get the best out of it, in terms of design and efficiency.

Premium Engineering supplies equipment for a Kazan combined heat power plant

Premium Engineering has procured essential equipment for a booster compressor station and gas treatment unit, part of a modernization project at a combined heat power plant in Kazan.

The supplied equipment consists of a centrifugal compressor made by Atlas Copco, with two electric motors 2.5 MW each, a modular gas treatment unit and a modular instrument air and nitrogen unit.

A gas booster compressor has been installed on a foundation which was prepared in advance. Still to be completed is the assembly of equipment and installation of the process piping for the booster compressors and gas treatment units. This work should be finished by mid June.

This equipment is part of a large-scale project to construct new combined-cycle 110 MW power units for combined electricity and heat generation at the Kazan CHP-2. The new generating facilities will provide a reliable and safe power supply to meet the growing demand for energy in the Republic of Tatarstan.

Delivery of centrifugal air compressor with a steam turbine drive, for Minudobreniya, in the city of Rossosh, Voronesh region

Premium Engineering has delivered an air compressor with a steam turbine drive to upgrade the production of nitric acid at Minudobreniya, Rossosh (Voronezh region).

The centrifugal air compressor, made by Atlas Copco is designed to compress atmospheric air in 3 stages to reach the desired working pressure. It is equipped with a gearbox, intercoolers (2 units), an anti-surge relief valve with an electro-pneumatic positioner and oil system. The steam turbine Dresser Rand will be installed as the air compressor drive.

The new equipment will use less power in the production of nitric acid in the largest chemical engineering plant in the Voronezh region. Minudobreniya is the only producer of mineral fertilizers in the south west of Russia.

New production facilities for supplier of industrial gases, Kryoservice, Voronezh, Russia

Premium Engineering, jointly with Red Mountain Energy has installed an air separation unit (ASU) at the Kryoservice industrial gas plant in Voronezh. Kryoservice is a producer and supplier of industrial gases in Central Russia.

Work set out in the contract included the procurement of imported equipment: an ASU with a capacity of 2100 g/hr of liquid oxygen (2000 kg/hr of liquid nitrogen), centrifugal pumps, a recycling water system with cooling towers.

Specialists from Premium Engineering designed all aspects of the project, prepared all documentation and were part of the supervising process at the manufacturer’s, where they monitored performance and quality. The final stage of quality control involved pre-commissioning testing at the Kryoservice facility with help from the manufacturer’s technical specialists.

With regard to the selection of equipment, the following requirements from the Client were taken into consideration: cost effectiveness, reliability, high level of automation, compactness, simplicity of operation. The equipment which has been chosen for this project will ensure the highest standard of operating efficiency; it also provides different operational modes and adjustability for the convenience of the Client.

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