• Design, construction, commissioning and start up of compressor stations, plants and facilities for the treatment and processing of natural gas
  • Personnel training and maintenance of the supplied equipment as well as ‘turn-key’ solutions in the following areas
  • Natural and associated petroleum gas treatment and processing for oil and gas producers
  • Production of liquid and gaseous nitrogen, oxygen, argon in cryogenic air separation units
  • Compression of natural and associated petroleum gas, process gases, and nitrogen
  • Plant air system analysis.

We also offer:

  • Process simulation and calculation for optimum design
  • Operation and maintenance contracts for Premium Engineering supplied equipment and/or plant
  • Integrated construction of coal bed (‘mine’) methane field facilities
  • Complete aftermarket services.


Premium Engineering offers:

  • Compressor stations for gathering, boosting, and transportation of natural gas
  • Plants and facilities for the treatment and processing of natural gas
  • Propane refrigeration plants
  • Integrated construction of gas and gas condensate field facilities
  • Air separation units.

Getting you what you want means selecting the appropriate equipment and technology for your requirements and getting it right every step of the way.

Aftermarket Services

By your side every step of the way

Aftermarket Support

Premium Engineering offers complete service support for all the systems and products which we supply. This includes machinery aftermarket service for all types of equipment, even if we were not the original suppliers of your equipment. We provide trained engineers and state-of-the-art aftermarket technology to keep your equipment running.

We also provide warranty servicing and aftermarket maintenance to the highest standard. We have experts in the field of the selection, application, upgrading, and replacement of industrial equipment. All of our service engineers have received factory training. We are with you every step of the way ready to:

  • Communicate and correspond with the manufacturing plant
  • Make a preliminary examination of the equipment
  • Ensure the supply of spare parts
  • Ensure the supply of consumables
  • Ensure you get the best aftermarket support.

Engineering Services

Premium Engineering performs the construction and installation, commissioning and start-up of the supplied equipment (‘turn-key’ projects). The commissioning and start-up are implemented by qualified engineers. All the service department engineers have been trained in equipment diagnostics, repair and upgrade in the manufacturing plant.

Our engineers have passed the manufacturers’ qualification tests. They have considerable experience in the commissioning, start-up, maintenance and overhaul of the equipment. Every year the performance of our highly skilled engineers is reviewed in the manufacturing plant.


For our part, we at Premium Engineering provide our clients and their operating personnel with training from our specialist engineers. The training course can be organized either in the client’s plant during the commissioning and start-up, or in the training centers of the equipment manufacturing companies. We offer training workshops, worksite briefings and training courses.

Spare Parts

We work with your organization to determine the best possible approach to spare parts inventory and supply. In some cases, Premium Engineering will stock spare parts for our customers. When you need a spare part you need it now! We know how to put a program in place for immediate spare parts support and supply.

Talk to our specialist and he will come up with the right answer for you.


Our dedicated team of engineers is at your service. They have the experience to recognize problems and solutions quickly. Our number one objective is to keep your equipment running.

Overhaul and Repair

Premium Engineering can either complete your overhaul and repair requirements, or we can support your team. If equipment is to operate at peak performance then sometimes, after a long period of operation, we will need to repair or overhaul machinery. In some cases, the manufacturer will offer up-grade packages to improve the performance of the machinery above the original performance. Our engineers will work with your specific requirements and supply the right solution.

A Long Term Partnership

At Premium Engineering we build partnerships. We aim to be your partner for aftermarket support and we will do what it takes to make sure that your facility is on-line. We will work with your organization to supply the right aftermarket program for you.