thNNN3Q79W.jpgHealth and Safety Policy

Another priority at Premium Engineering is keeping in place a robust and efficient occupational health system which promotes safe working conditions and social protection for employees.

The Company policy for health and safety is:

  • to implement occupational health management system OHSAS 18001 in all of the Company's departments as part of corporate culture.
  • to organize obligatory training for personnel and make the personnel aware of the current production risks.
  • to implement a corporate incentive scheme in the field of occupational health in order to encourage employees to be pro-active when it comes to increasing occupational safety in the Company.
  • to ensure safety during production activities, keep checking fire safety and electrical safety, sanitary and domestic servicing.
  • to offer medical help and advice in all Company's facilities, and to encourage preventative measures such as vaccines and check-ups.
  • to make sure that all work places comply with the requirements of occupational safety, and monitor working conditions in the work place by detecting and eliminating managing harmful and hazardous practices and/or conditions.
  • to provide employees with personal protective equipment.

Premium Engineering supports wholeheartedly the Occupational Health and Industrial Safety Policy and management and employees are jointly responsible for the implementation of this policy.