Health, safety and the environment

The Management of Premium Engineering takes full responsibility for the health and safety in the work place of its employees, and also for the environmental impact of all company projects.

Management does everything possible to make sure that the Company meets Russian and international health and safety requirements, and actively supports and upholds existing environmental legislation, in Russia and abroad.

Safe working conditions for employees is a Company priority, and so is the health of its workforce and also of those people living close to the Company’s area of activity. To this end the Company is committed to making sure that all its energy/engineering activities do as little damage as possible to the environment.

Management keeps a vigilant eye on work practices in all projects undertaken by the Company, and does everything possible to create a work environment that is accident-free and safe. Employees are provided with up-to-date, high-quality, protective equipment. Health and industrial safety training is obligatory and qualification tests are required in all of the Company's departments.

Premium Engineering’s environmental policy conforms to the international standard ISO 14001 "Environmental Management System".