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Gasification of Waste

Throwing Away Energy

Gasification can convert waste materials into valuable products. Every day thousands of tons of waste are thrown away instead of being converted into sources of energy. Most of the waste we discard from our homes and businesses on a daily basis, such as non-recyclable plastics, construction debris, used tyres, household trash, and even sewage, all contain energy. In addition to all this, billions of tons of solid industrial waste are disposed of every year. Gasification can convert all this waste, both domestic and industrial, into electric power, substitute natural gas, chemicals, transportation fuels, and fertilizers.

Gasification is Not Incineration

It is important not to confuse gasification with incineration. Incineration is the burning of waste products in oxygen-rich air: the material combusts and produces heat and carbon dioxide, along with a variety of other pollutants. Waste gasification involves quite a different process: the conversion of feedstocks into their simplest molecules – carbon monoxide, hydrogen and methane, forming a syngas which can be used for generating electricity or producing valuable products.