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Coal Gasification


Benefits of Coal Gasification

  • For countries with large low-quality coal reserves, gasification technology can enhance energy security while reducing energy costs.
  • Liquid fuels from coal gasification can be used for transport, industrial fuel, power generation, and in the chemical industry.
  • Coal-derived fuels are clean, sulfur-free, low in particulates, and low in NOx.

The world increase in energy demand and the rapid rises in private car ownership mean that countries have had to review the balance of their energy supply. 96% of all energy used in transport comes from petroleum. Coal-to-liquids (CTL), along with gas-to-liquids (GTL), gives countries the option of diversifying their supplies of liquid fuel.

There has been growing interest in the construction of CTL plants as the price of oil continues to rise. Today all countries are concerned about the cost of oil imports.