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Hydrocarbon turboexpanders, maintenance and upgrading

Premium Engineering in alliance with Mafi-Trench Company LLC offers maintenance and upgrading services (up to full replacement) for hydrocarbon turboexpanders.

Premium Engineering and Mafi-Trench have proven experience in maintenance and upgrading. We have a professional team and all the expertise necessary to satisfy the needs of our customers with regard to the maintenance and upgrading of Mafi-Trench turboexpanders, as well as turboexpanders manufactured by any other company.

The highest efficiency of the turboexpander is a key goal for a modern gas processing plant. High efficiency, long periods between scheduled maintenance sessions, and trouble-free operation are the three vital goals we strive to attain. Low performance in any of the above is a good reason for upgrading.

Improving efficiency

Low efficiency in a unit is often caused when the operating regime for which the unit was designed has altered. If the unit has been operating for a long time, the composition of the gas coming into the expander can vary. A re-calculation of the hydraulic end and its upgrading will enhance the unit's efficiency.

Premium Engineering and Mafi-Trench are ready to calculate the current operating regime for your turboexpander free of charge. We will then advise you as to what mechanical and hydrodynamic improvements can be made.


Each operator needs to make his turboexpander operate day and night, all year round, at minimal cost. Since an idle turboexpander is of no use for its owner, it is essential to deal with problems immediately: for Premium Engineering and Mafi-Trench mechanical trouble shooting is a high priority. Mafi-Trench has a fine record in improving the mechanical reliability of turboexpander units, regardless of which manufacturer. (In many specific units improvements can be made in the profile and design of the inlet guide vanes and the expander wheel, as well as the design of the seals. Again and again Mafi-Trench has carried out these improvements, solving problems and enhancing performance).

The improvements include:

  • Identifying and eliminating causes which lead to the destruction of the expander wheel ;
  • Identifying and eliminating causes which lead to the jamming of the inlet guide vanes ;
  • Reducing sealing gas leaks;
  • Reducing the wear and tear of internal joints and parts;
  • Reducing vibration ;
  • Solving problems related to the counterbalancing of the axial force .

Economic benefits of the upgrading

By increasing the efficiency and reliability of our customers’ equipment we are able to increase the production capacity and this in turn can lead to a reduction in maintenance and downtime costs.

We can provide first-rate technical support and supply you with all necessary spare parts. We urge our clients to increase their profits by signing up to our maintenance or upgrading services.

We are always at your service!

Premium Engineering in alliance with Mafi-Trench Company LLC