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Gas compression

The compressor module is installed downstream of the solids removal module when the raw gas pressure does not exceed 35 bar, but further processing needs higher pressure.

Premium Engineering equips those compressor stations destined for gas processing plants with reciprocating and centrifugal compressors fabricated by the U.S. company, Cameron Compression Systems (formerly Cooper Compression).

The leading compressor on offer is unique: an Ajax® integrated reciprocating motor-compressor with the two-cycle engine and compressor on the same crankshaft. It is fuelled by raw gas (to be transported) which can contain up to 7% vol. of H2S and the raw gas can be used without any additional treatment; or else the motor-compressor can be fuelled by dehydrated product gas from the gas treatment unit tower. Ajax® motor-compressor is supplied fully mounted on a single steel frame which simplifies mounting/dismounting and is very convenient for use in the fields where the associated gas production rate varies widely. Also, it should be stressed that this compressor is ideal for use in remote fields where there is little or no infrastructure. It does not require a supply of power or cooling water, and its control system is specifically designed for a harsh operational environment.

As an alternative, it is possible to use the Superior® (Cameron Compression Systems) reciprocating compressor with an opposing cylinder layout and a gas-fuelled reciprocating motor. This compressor line features a compact, robust and flexible design. The adaptable frames and interchangeable cylinders allow Superior ® compressors to adjust to various field conditions. Notably, for the Superior ® compressor to function, purified and dehydrated natural gas is needed.

In those instances when further processing does not require very high pressure, Premium Engineering offers the MSG® (Cameron Compression Systems) engineering model series multi-stage centrifugal compressor with built-in step-up gearing.

The design of the MSG® booster compressor fully prevents the penetration of oil into the compressed medium and allows wide-scale adjustment. Its horizontally-split housing makes inspection and servicing easier and much faster.