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Support Equipment

The smooth operation of a compressor station relies on the use of appropriate support equipment to ensure proper operational conditions for the compressors and air (gas) preparation.

  1. Compressor Station Cooling Systems
    • Cooling systems for state-of-the-art installations are built on the basis of modular, closed-circuit cooling towers (typically, for air compressor stations) or air coolers (typically, for gas compressor stations).

  2. Air Dehydration Systems
    • Compressed air leaving the compressor has a relative humidity of 100%. Prior to admission into process equipment the air has to be dehydrated. Refrigerating (compressed air dew point +3°C) and adsorptive (dew point -70°C) air dryers are used for this purpose.

Gas dehydration (moisture separation) is conducted in absorptive (using glycol reactors) and adsorptive (using molecular sieves) gas dryers. These are discussed on another page of this website (Gas Processing).