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Reciprocating compressors

Wide spectrum of problems solved

Reciprocating compressors have a wide range of applications: from compression of industrial gases in the chemical and petrochemical industries to production of high-pressure air for the pressure testing of pipelines. These compressors are mostly used in technologies requiring medium to high pressure with medium and low capacity.

Inter-changeable cylinders

Reciprocating compressors as supplied by Premium Engineering have a design feature which is unique and allows the client to use cylinders of different sizes and change cylinder size when required. This is particularly useful when there is a sudden or expected change in the amount of pumped gas, for example due to depletion in a well. The inter-changeable cylinder system enables the user to work with maximum efficiency in any operating mode.

Principal features of separate reciprocal compressors
Discharge pressure, bar Up to 410*
Nominal power, kW Up to 7,500
Diameters of compressor cylinders, mm Up to 1500
Allowable load on piston rod, KN Up to 500
Drive Electric or gas-piston
Gas compression Both with lubrication and “dry”, in particular labyrinth pistons
Capacity regulation by many ways From 0 to 100%
Arrangement of cylinders Horizontal-opposite or vertical
Compliance with international standards API 618
*Standard make. Custom made compressors may have higher discharge pressure.