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Centrifugal compressors

The main advantage of the centrifugal compressor is the complete absence of oil in the compression stage, and, therefore, in the compressed medium. This type of compressor can handle large amounts of gas, even though it is compact in size and relatively light-weight.

The centrifugal compressor is easy to run and can operate up to five years without shutdown. In addition, the unit cost of compressing one cubic meter of gas will be equal to, or lower than, the unit cost in reciprocating or screw-type compressors.

Centrifugal compressors have been successfully used in the gas, chemical, petrochemical, glass industry, metallurgy, heavy machinery manufacturing and in many other industries where gas with no admixture of oil is necessary and medium to large volumes of compressed gas with low to medium pressure are required.

Premium Engineering delivers compression solutions that are efficient and economic. Top industrial companies throughout Russia and the CIS testify to the performance and quality of our equipment and its assembly.

Advantages of multi shaft centrifugal compressors

  • Axial loads from high speed impellers are transferred to the low speed shaft and absorbed by low speed bearings providing inherent mechanical stability
  • Compact design and smallest footprint
  • High quality bull gear and pinion ensures lifetime warranty
  • No mechanical contact between air and oil seals
  • Minimum wear of rotating parts
  • No replacement of main parts
  • Absence of oil prevents contamination of compression medium
  • Absence of vibration ensures stable operation
  • No special foundation needed
  • Long service life



Principal features of centrifugal compressors
Capacity, nm3/hr Up to 250,000
Discharge pressure, bar Up to 100
Power, kW Up to 40,000