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Compressor Applications

Gas Compressors

Today this is one of the most rapidly growing sectors of the compressor industry. New environmental regulations require the recycling of associated petroleum gas as well as flare gases originating from different process cycles. Reciprocating compressors are ideally suited to this task and we offer practical solutions to meet this new environmental requirement.

The rapid growth in the demand for power and the need to replace and modernize existing power plants, together with the development of gas turbine technologies, has resulted in the extensive use of combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power plants. Gas turbines used in these power plants often require fuel gas boosters to fuel gas compression to increase the working pressure when the pipeline pressure is not enough. We offer standard and engineered solutions with reciprocating and centrifugal compressors, depending on the requirements of the customer.

  1. Power Generation
  2. Oil & Gas Refining
  3. Oil & Gas Production

Compressed Air for General Industrial Applications

The design of a plant air supply system is based either on a centralized or on a localized approach. Local air supply systems using small isolated compressor stations (a separate compressor for each consumer) and notwithstanding their apparently simple and convenient configuration, have a number of important disadvantages:

  • Many isolated compressor units located in various parts of the plant premises are more difficult to operate and control.
  • Additional compressors have to be provided in each plant area as standby units (sometimes up to 100% standby capacity).

The advantages of a centralized air supply system are obvious given the compact arrangement of plant facilities. The number of compressor units is less and all of them are concentrated in a single compressor station which is easier to operate and control, while the standby capacity is limited to 30-50% at the maximum.

Compressor Station for an Air Separation Unit (ASU)

Compressor equipment is used in the specific field of air separation units (ASUs) for various applications. Regardless of which air separation method is used (cryogenic, adsorptive or membrane), they all depend on the supply of compressed air. There are very strict requirements with regard to air quality and to the performance of air supply compressors which must:

  • Provide stable flow and pressure
  • Supply air free of oil or oil vapors (as oxygen is an oil-hazardous gas)
  • Be suitable for long-term, failure-free operation (1 to 2 years continuously).

The most commonly used ASUs are Cryogenic Air Separation Units. There are dozens of design configurations for these units which are determined by the final product (nitrogen or oxygen) specification requirements.