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Suzhou Oxygen Plant CO., LTD (SOPC)

Suzhou Oxygen Plant CO., LTD (SOPC) is a leading Chinese designer and manufacturer of air separation units and cryogenic machinery.

Founded in 1971.

Located in the town of Suzhou.

Personnel strength ~ 650 persons.

Total area 100,000 m2.

Production area 70,000 m2.


The company manufactures small and middle capacity ASUs, gas liquefaction equipment, compressors, stationary and transportable cryogenic tanks, as well as all types of pressure vessels.


Air separation units manufactured by the Suzhou Oxygen Plant Co., Ltd. are reliable and efficient and sales are growing throughout China and abroad. In Russia the Suzhou Oxygen Plant is expanding its business and has completed, or is in the process of completing over 20 projects.

Rules and standards

The company uses a quality control system certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2000. It has considerable engineering capability and potential and uses first class quality control equipment including measuring and testing facilities.

The company has the right to design and fabricate pressure vessels and possesses the necessary ASME certificates.

Production capability

At the different stages of any given project the company uses innovative technologies (including the CAD system) to perform the structural analysis. Such application of modern design and engineering systems has allowed the company to achieve a leading position in production of cryogenic equipment.

The company manufactures:

Plate fin heat exchangers on the basis of four vacuum furnaces.
Highly efficient cross-flow sieve trays for rectifying columns.
Cryogenic turboexpanders: 4- and 5-axes CNC milling machines are used to manufacture expander wheels. (The company holds valuable international patents for this machinery. Since 1983, the company produces turboexpanders with gas bearings.)
Cryogenic tanks and all types of pressure vessels.

By this time, SOPC accumulated vast experience in the manufacturing of ASUs which produce:

  • up to 15,000 m3/h of gas oxygen
  • up to 30,000 m3/h of gas nitrogen
  • up 360 t/day of liquid cryogenic products



KDON-750/40Y ASU (3 pc.)

for OAO "Salavat Glass Plant"



KDN - type ASU