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Hangzhou Hangyang CO., LTD

Hangzhou Hangyang CO., LTD is the leading designer and manufacturer of air separation units in China.

Founded in 1950.

Located in the town of Hangzhou.

Personnel strength ~ 1200 persons

Production area - 200,000 m2.

In China the company has over 50% of the ASU market share (with an ASU capacity of over 20,000 nm3/h of gas oxygen). In 2007, the company's turnover exceeded $240 million, 20% of which comes from exports.


The company manufactures large scale ASUs, gas liquefaction equipment, compressors, stationary and transportable cryogenic tanks as well as all types of pressure vessels.


The equipment fabricated by Hangzhou Hangyang Co., Ltd is used successfully in more than thirty countries all over the world. The company supplies equipment to such well known global gas producers as MESSER, BOC, Linde, Air Liquide, APCI, and Praxair.

Rules and standards

The company uses a quality control system certified in accordance with ISO 14001 and OHSAS18001. The production is certified for the fabrication of pressure vessels according to ASME requirements.

Production capacity

To perform the structural analysis, the company uses a CAD system, used at all stages from engineering system to layout design. That allows to design up-to-date industrial complex with supreme adaptation to area's condition.

The company can manufacture by its own:

Finned cryogenic heat exchangers...
Packed rectifying towers with, max diameter (4800 mm) and wallthickness (35 mm).

Cryogenic turboexpanders and centrifugal compressors..

5-axes machining centers are used to manufacture expander wheels for highly accurancy of manufacturing

Cryogenic reservoirs and all types of pressure vessels.
Hangzhou Hangyang Co., Ltd accumulated vast experience in the manufacturing of modern ASUS with big capacity, including units with internal compression of oxygen. More than 20 units of that type with capacity from 15 000 to 63 000 m3/h of gaseous oxygen are manufactured and run within last decade.