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Auxiliary equipment

Premium Engineering offers comprehensive solutions for air separation including supply of the auxiliary equipment.

Gas compressors are used to compress air separation products (nitrogen, oxygen) to a specified pressure.

We offer a wide range of up-to-date gas compressors including both reciprocating and centrifugal compressors.

Air drying systems are designed to remove moisture from the air.

They are used to treat the air before it enters membrane and adsorption units.

Circulating water treatment systems include the circulating water purification systems and a cooling system with cooling towers.

The water treatment systems come complete with pumps and filters

Gas receivers are designed for the storage of gases (oxygen, nitrogen, argon) at a gage pressure.

They are used in backup systems in case of irregular gas consumption.

Evaporatorsare designed for the gasification of cryogenic liquids (oxygen, nitrogen, argon, and also liquid fractions taken from the cold box).

We offer the following types of evaporators:

  • Atmospheric. An atmospheric evaporator is a vertical heat exchanger with finned tubes made of a high quality aluminum alloy. The main advantage of the atmospheric evaporator is its self-sufficiency: it does not need to be connected to water and power networks. The gasification of cryogenic products is performed by heat exchange with atmospheric air and does not require additional power consumption.
  • Electrical (steam). These evaporators use the thermal energy of hot water (steam). As a rule, they are applied for the gasification of large amounts of liquid. Such an evaporator is a tubular heat exchanger.

Cryogenic pumps. Cryogenic pumps are designed for the pumping and pressurizing liquid oxygen, nitrogen, and argon. We offer both reciprocating and centrifugal cryogenic pumps.

Cylinder filling systems are used as a part of the filling stations distributing industrial gases.