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OAO "Lukoil-Odessa NPZ" (Refinery), Odessa, Ukraine

The KDN-1000 Air separation unit comes complete with a ТА3000 air compressor.

The ASU is designed to produce 1000 nm3/h of high purity gas nitrogen (oxygen content in the nitrogen is not higher than 0.0002 % vol.), at a pressure of up to 8 bar.

The ASU is adapted to specific operating conditions, taking into consideration the customer’s requirements.

In this ASU, the following up-to-date engineering solutions have been used:

  • The absorption purification unit has been designed for highly contaminated feed air
  • The expanders with gas bearings provide high reliability due to the absence of oil and cooling water in the system.
  • The purification system and air pre-cooling system are integrated in one module which facilitates installation

The Plant is successfully installed and started up in 2009.


Equipment installation and hooking up inside the cold box Adsorber hooking up
Expansion bellows Preparation for delivery of the cold box

Equipment acceptance at the customer's site

ТА 3000 air compressor
Control unit Cold box