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Membrane units

Premium Engineering offers membrane air separation units for the production of gaseous nitrogen.

Standard specifications

Product nitrogen purity

Product nitrogen pressure

Product nitrogen dew point

up to 0,05% vol. О2

up to 18 barg


Advantages of the membrane units:

  • High nitrogen purity (up to 0.05% vol.О2)

  • Fully automatic operation

  • Continuous monitoring of the oxygen content in the product nitrogen

  • Usability

  • No moving parts

  • High reliability

  • Special design for use in explosion hazard zone

  • Full operational readiness

  • Quick installation

  • Compact design

Membrane air separation operates on the basis that different gases have different permeation rates through a polymer film. Water, carbon dioxide and oxygen penetrate through the membrane wall easier than nitrogen, thus the original gas mixture is divided into two flows – product nitrogen and waste gas.

Membrane air separation technology

Membrane nitrogen units are based on the membrane air separation technology, which ensures production of high-purity dry gaseous nitrogen from compressed atmospheric air at relatively low cost.

The membrane separation technology allows the mutual regulation of the product nitrogen yield and its purity (up to 99.9 %). Each unit has a wide range of operational characteristics making it possible to adapt the units to various operational conditions.

Membrane technology is characterized by low power consumption and the absence of moving parts.

Maximal readiness to installation

The units are delivered fully assembled, complete with all accessories and control devices. That ensures quick and easy installation on the site and low cost maintenance.

Each unit can be adapted to the operating conditions of the primary process and can meet the specific requirements of the customer.

High reliability and safety

The units meet the high standards of reliability and safety. Only high-quality and durable materials and components are used in the fabrication of our equipment.

Low power consumption

The proposed membrane unit possesses a higher separation capacity than any other unit in the market resulting in reduced feed air consumption per given output and purity.

Simple operation

The membrane unit is fully automated and capable of operating without supervision; the control keys are of a standard design. The product purity is controlled automatically, even during releases when purity control is not generally needed.

Simple control

The membrane unit is able to give nitrogen purity from 90% (plus inert gases) to 99.9% (plus inert gases, as well). The control system is constantly monitoring and regulating the product purity and other key system parameters. All the data is conveniently displayed while alarms warn of possible hazards and cuts of power. The PLC -based process control system can be easily adjusted to the customer's needs.

Light and compact

The membrane systems are easy to transport and install and adapt to various processes and site conditions.

Minimal maintenance required

The only moving part is the control valve. The only replaceable components are parts of the filter. All the drainage valves are operated automatically and the data on the pressure drop across the filter comes to the operator desk.