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Adsorption units

Premium Engineering offers adsorption air separation units.

Standard specifications



Gas purity

Gas pressure

Gas dew point

up to 0.0005% vol.О2

up to 10 barg

not higher than -40 °C

up to 90..94%

up to 10 barg

not higher than -40 °C

Advantages of the adsorption units:

  • Low power consumption
  • High reliability
  • High product purity
  • Quick start
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Full operational readiness

Adsorption separation technology

Adsorption separation is based on the ability of zeolites to adsorb individual gases with different intensities on a selective basis.

An adsorption unit contains two adsorption modules.

Air is compressed by the air compressor and then is dried to a dew point of 3 0С in the refrigeration dryer.

The compressed dry air is fed into one of the adsorbers filled with a carbon molecular sieve (a material that can absorb large amounts of certain compounds while not absorbing others and is thus suitable for use in separating mixtures). When the air passes through this adsorbent bed (the carbon molecular sieve) the waste gases are retained while most of the product gas comes through unobstructed. When the time comes to switch adsorbers, this is done automatically by a timer, thus ensuring the specified purity of the product.

Desorption, i.e. recovery of the sorbent adsorbing capacity, is carried out by depressurizing the adsorber (in VPSA units the adsorber is vacuumized as well.) When depressurizing is completed the adsorber is then blown in the reverse direction by a small amount of the product. Now the adsorber is ready to operate again.

The adsorption and desorption stages are of equal duration. One of the adsorbers undergoes a desorption process while the other is operating. When the adsorption stage is finished in one adsorber, and the desorption stage is finished in the other adsorber, they swap over. Such cyclic operation ensures the continuity of the production and the constancy of the product yield.


The proposed adsorption units are completely self-sufficient and do not need any resources apart from power and cooling water. Each piece of equipment has only one power point.


The automatic gas analyzer is continuously monitoring the quality of the product nitrogen. The high automation level ensures the efficient and reliable operation of the units.


The equipment is environmentally friendly and safe for the personnel.

Readiness for installation

The equipment is delivered as modules ready for installation. This means there is a minimum on-site assembly which in turn helps to reduce costs and time needed for commissioning and startup.