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Air separation

The separation of air is the basic commercial technique for producing industrial gases, such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon, and some rare gases (krypton, xenon, neon, and helium) which are widely used in industry.

Today we use the following air separation technologies: cryogenic, adsorption and membrane separation. Accordingly, there are cryogenic, membrane, and adsorption industrial air separation units.

Premium Engineering offers air separation units designed for a wide capacity range. Our air separation units provide the highest level of efficiency and reliability; they are simple to operate and fully automatic and can be readily adapted to the customer’s specific requirements.

The air separation units are delivered as a complete set which may include the auxiliary equipment such as compressors, cooling towers, reservoirs e.g. cryogenic vessels, gas distribution equipment, etc. We offer our customers a wide range of services, including design, installation supervision and commissioning, personnel training, and aftermarket services.

To date our company has carried out and put into commission many air separation projects ranging from the design and installation of small scale individual ASUs to large air separation plants.

Premium Engineering and its strategic partners (many of whom are among the world's leading manufacturers of industrial machinery) guarantee that the supplied equipment will meet all up-to- date requirements and standards and, in whichever country the equipment is to be used, we will provide the customer with all necessary permits and certificates.

Premium Engineering is committed to maintaining the highest standards of supply and service.